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Tractor Restoration with Majic Paints

Although a tractor is designed for hard work and years of dependability, it is eventually going to wear down, rust and just show its age. While this does not mean it is not going to fire up when the ignition is switched on, it just is not going to look as beautiful as it once did. With the help of Majic Paints though, it is possible to transform any tractor into a work of art and a truly...

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Restore That Old Tractor with Majic Paints

A tractor is designed to be tough and take on almost everything a farm, ranch or other location has in store. Of course, this is also going to wear down the pristine look of the tractor as well. Naturally, many people wear this worn down look with pride, as it shows just how much they have accomplished with their tractor. However, for others, who want to keep their baby up and running and looking...

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Tractor Restoration Photo Contest!

We’re just over two weeks in, which means you still have plenty of time to enter! Remember, the best photo of your restored tractor wins! To review the contest details please click here:¬† Good luck and keep the entries...

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