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The Perfect Combination

The Perfect Combination includes one gallon of Majic Tractor, Truck & Implement Enamel, one 1/2 pint of Catalyst Hardener, and one pint of Majic Reducer.

Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel
8-0951; IH White – Qt, Gal, S8-0957; New JD Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0973; School Bus Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0964; JD Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0952; New Holland Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0962; Caterpillar Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0983; Case Power Yellow – Qt, Gal, S8-0965; AC Orange – Qt, Gal, S8-0958; Case Power Orange – Qt, Gal, S8-0971; Kubota Orange – Qt, Gal, S8-0972; IH Red – Qt, Gal, S8-0961; MF Red – Qt, Gal, S8-0956; New Holland Red – Qt, Gal, S8-0954; Ford Red – Qt, Gal, S8-0966; JD Green – Qt, Gal, S8-0974; Oliver Green – Qt, Gal, S8-0968; Ford Blue – Qt, Gal, S8-0979; New Ford/New Holland Blue – Qt, Gal, S8-0967; Light Ford Gray – Qt, Gal, S8-0955; MF Gray – Qt, Gal, S8-0959; Matte Black – Qt, Gal, S8-0994; Gloss Black – Qt, Gal, S8-0953; Rustic Brown – Qt, Gal, S8-0986; Gray Primer – Qt, Gal, S8-0989; Red Oxide Primer – Qt, Gal, S8-0990; Gloss White – Qt, Gal, S//

Majic Catalyst Hardener
Increase your protection with Majic Catalyst hardener by adding one half pint to one gallon of Alkyd Enamel.
Increase the hardness by 30%, the gloss by 10%, and decrease they dry time by 40%.
8-0950; Clear//

Majic Reducer
Specially formulated with non-regulated VOC’s.
When adding one pint of Majic Reducer to Majic Tractor, Truck & Implement or Majic Rustkill Enamel, you will have the perfect spray consistency without compromising the VOC limits of products.
8-0750; Clear//