Majic Paints has been designated an Essential Business / Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce under Ohio and U.S. government emergency orders, and we will continue to operate during our normal business hours. We have instituted expert-recommended social distancing, enhanced sanitizing, and revised personnel scheduling practices including remote work to protect the health and safety of our employees. We thank you for understanding that lead times and service response may be affected.

Majic Paints in Review

Yenkin-Majestic has been a leading manufacturer of Majic Paints for over 90 years providing consumers with outstanding, high-quality coatings for all surfaces. Paints and coatings are created especially for ease of use for homeowners with quality in mind. The paints and coatings not only provide good coverage of items, but also are manufactured to specifications to solve specific problems with...

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Why are Tractors Red?

When it came to turn of the century farming, practicality was king. Everything done was done for a reason, even the colors chosen for farm equipment. Many folks are familiar with the bright red color of tractors manufactured in the 1930s, but most people are not aware that even the color red was specifically chosen for a reason. Up until about 1936, most tractors were painted a deep blue-grey...

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