Floor Paints

Majic Floor Paints are available in Oil base and Latex formulas. Our Oil Base Floor Paint is compliant in all states except California. These durable finishes will give dependable, long lasting protection in all climates. They are especially formulated for ease of application and trouble free performance for concrete, wood, and properly primed metal. They resist scuffs and water.

Interior/Exterior Oil Base Floor Paint

8-0072; Golden Brown – Gal
8-0073; Black – Qt, Gal
8-0074; White – Qt, Gal
8-0075; Battleship Gray – Qt, Gal
8-0076; Tile Red – Qt, Gal
8-0077; Dark Brown – Qt, Gal
8-0078; Colonial Green – Qt, Gal
8-0079; Light Gray – Qt, Gal//

Interior/Exterior Latex Floor Paint

8-0120; Battleship Gray – Qt, Gal
8-0121; Tile Red – Qt, Gal
8-0122; Dark Brown – Qt, Gal
8-0123; Colonial Green – Qt, Gal
8-0124; Light Gray – Qt, Gal//

Majic Latex Floor Enamel

  • Designed to produce a durable finish in light commercial and residential applications.
  • Will withstand detergents, oils, grease, and scrubbing.
  • Provides beautiful trouble free protection against weather.

8-0175; Battleship Gray – Qt, Gal//