Agricultural Products

Our Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel is formulated for superior durability and easy application. The colors match original equipment colors. It is made with 100% U.S. grown soybeans. This fine product gives our alkyd paint products added durability, better adhesion, and provides non-yellowing capabilities. A catalyst and hardener round out the product selection to provide a perfect paint system.

Acrylic Diamondhard Industrial Enamel

A water based acrylic, high-Gloss enamel for use on metal.


Formulated with the finest grade leafing aluminum pigments, long wearing oils, and resins.


Providing camouflage with any nature background.

Catalyst Hardener & Reducer

Specially formulated with non-regulated VOC’s.

Clear Coat Lacquer Aerosol

Providing protection and fade resistance with a non-yellowing gloss.

Easy Slip Aerosols

Bonds quickly to any clean metal, wood, concrete, or plastic surface.

Fence Paints

Combining long lasting weather resistance and excellent color retention.

Latex Barn Paints

Offering outstanding performance for weather resistance and color retention.

Oil Barn Paints

Formulated with the finest quality oils and pigments for outstanding performance.

Plow Guard Aerosol

Providing short term corrosion protection with a soft, waxy finish.

Sandable Primer Aerosol

A tough, rust inhibitive base for the ultimate finish.

Tractor, Truck, & Implement

Formulated for superior durability and easy application.