Wood Coatings

Oil Base Polyurethane Wood Varnish

Available in quarts and gallons

  • A hard, protective, clear varnish that offers exceptionally long lasting beauty of wood surfaces subject to wear and abuse. It enriches the natural beauty of wood while providing protection from abrasion, water, alcohol, cleaners, and stains.
  • Majic Oil Base Polyurethane Wood Varnish is available in a high gloss or natural satin for a rich hand-rubbed appearance.
  • VOC compliant for all states except Southern California.

Quick Dry, Clear Wood Coating

Available in quarts

  • A hard drying crystal-clear finish for interior wood surfaces that dries dust free in 30 minutes and can be handled in one hour.
  • This product is easily applied by brush or spray. It is resistant to tough wear and is not harmed by alcohol, water or detergents.
  • It is available in a full gloss finish or a satin finish for a rich, hand-rubbed appearance.

Polyurethane Wood Coating Spray

Available in sprays

  • A hard protective finish formulated with a high solids polyurethane resin designed to give this product the impact resistance, abrasion resistance, as well as the gloss retention needed for use on floors.
  • Provides a finish that is resistant to water, chemicals, detergents, and alcohol.
  • Formulated and recommended for application on bare wood to seal the wood and to provide a coating that can be sanded to create a smooth surface.