How To: Cleaning up

After applying Majic Paints to wooden objects, you will obviously have some cleaning up to do. This is the final step of painting or staining jobs that many people will overlook. Some people don’t clean up properly, or they do so in a way that is not environmentally friendly. While Majic Paints are generally as environmentally friendly as possible, all of thier products still must be disposed of and cleaned up in a specific way. Consider the following tips for cleaning up your Majic Paints and tools.

Use Painter’s Tape and a Drop Cloth

Before you began the project, you probably applied painter’s tape to areas bordering the space you were painting, and you most likely used a drop cloth on the ground or floor where you were painting. So when you’re finished painting, you should be able to easily remove the tape and ball it up and pull away with the drop cloth, completing the vast majority of the cleanup in a matter of minutes.

Store Properly

You will want to properly seal and store any leftover stain so that it can be used in the future. Make sure the lid is tightly attached; you may want to use a hammer to ensure this. Store the product in a place where the can of Majic Paints enamel won’t be physically damaged, freeze or be exposed to temperatures hotter than 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Proper Disposal

If you don’t want to store the excess Majic Paints stain, make sure you dispose of it properly. This process varies by state, so you will have to look up the rules where you live. For spilled, excess paint or enamel, use an absorbent material like cat litter, shredded newspaper or sawdust to soak it up, and then dispose of it as solid waste. However, California does not allow this type of disposal with any type of paint, so you will have find a local PaintCare location and dispose of it with them if you happen to live in the Golden State.