Top DIY Tips for Repainting Tractors and Trucks

If you are ready to undertake a large project like repainting tractors or trucks, there are a few important things to know to make sure your DIY project looks just as good as a professional’s. Whether you are restoring an old Chevy pickup or a John Deere tractor, you can probably save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself versus going to a paint shop. Since a fresh coat of paint is needed from time to time to keep your tractor or truck well-kept and free from corrosion and rust, we have put together the top DIY tips for repainting tractors and trucks.

Use Proper Planning

Here are the factors that you need to consider when planning your painting job:


The cost of the paint will not consume most of the expenses for your painting project. Instead, the majority of your costs will go towards preparation and application of the paint.


As a rule, the more time you spend on the painting project, the better results you will have. In addition, if your truck or tractor is very old or severely rusted, more time will be needed for the project.


When choosing your coating system, durability, ease of application, loss retention, and drying time are important factors when choosing the right paint. Tractor truck & implement enamel is highly recommended.


Choose the type of coating you will use based on the use of your tractor or truck. If there is limited use, then you can save money on the type of coating you use.

Supplies and Equipment Needs

To complete the job, you will need the following:

– Sandpaper (fine to coarse)

– Degreaser / Cleaner

– Paint thinner

– Paint (Primer and Finish)

– Spray gun

– Compressor

– Masking Tape, Paper, and/or Plastic

– Glasses


Your safety is a top priority so it is important to be careful when using paint with hazardous chemicals. Proper ventilation is also a priority for every paint job.

Pick Your Coating System and Start the Job

For DIY jobs, it is always easier to use standard enamels which are also cheaper in price. Once you have chosen the right paints and complete the planning stage, you can successfully move on to the next steps which include painting, priming, and finishing. By following the tips we provided here along with a little patience, you can restore your truck or tractor to a like-new appearance and save a lot of money. For more tips on painting your tractor or truck, visit us here.