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Tips for Painting Your Tractor or Truck

Painting tractors and trucks with a spray gun proves to be much easier and cheaper than conventional methods. Paint shops and painters probably want thousands of dollars to paint the exterior and under-the-hood components of both trucks and tractors. Why pay someone else to do a job you can do yourself?

Majic tractor, truck & implement enamel paint keeps your tractor looking new. Even the smallest scratches will disappear into the framework. The basic steps to painting tractors are simple and easy to follow. You can paint your tractor in one day when you use the right paint.

Majic Paints Tractor Paint

Basic Prep and Painting Tips

  • Don’t put a time frame on your work; you don’t want to rush.
  • If you don’t have a respirator, purchase one from your local automotive parts store; you don’t want to breathe in fumes from the paint.
  • Pick up 80 and 350 grit wet and dry sandpaper and an orbital sanding block.
  • Choose high-quality truck and trailer implement paint enamel. The higher the quality of paint, the more professional looking your paint job will look.
  • Choose a high performing paint gun, with good gravity. A spray gun with an HVLP feed is probably the best choice.
  • You might already have a nice 5hp air compressor; if not, now is the time to buy one.
  • Next, you will need a lacquer based spray can primer; you want the kind that is sandable and quick-drying.
  • Now you need lots of masking tape.

Painting only makes your tractor look like new if you have a good surface. Prep the surface by removing dents, dings and rusty patches. You may need to replace these areas by welding pieces of new sheet metal. After welding, sand every surface you’re going to paint. In addition, remove emblems and decals. It makes painting much easier and quicker if you don’t have to go around those small details.

Tip: once the rust is removed, the surface has to be primed or painted within 72 hours to avoid moisture and rust buildup. Majic Paints offers a large selection of primer and paints for trucks, tractors and implements.


  1. Great post thanks! full of useful information I can teach on to my students

  2. I am really impatient when it comes to painting and things. I live by schedules and setting time-frames, so not doing so for this paint project will be difficult for me I think. If taking my time is what it takes to get the job done right, then I am going to have to learn some patience.

  3. Robert Peters

    We use your paint here at our shop. We are a heavy haul trucking company and use these paint on our Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors every thing from the cabs , frame to the wheels. We also build our own trailers and dollies and use this paint on them. The paint is very good , can’t beat the price or the easy to use applications. Have tryed others over the years , XO Rust, Valspar and Rustoleum. But we find Majic works the best. Hope you keep making this great product in all the colors.

  4. Fantastic tips. But I think you should draw some kind of things such as: farmer with chicken, or apple,… It makes your truck more funny.

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  6. Can you introduce me to a specific paint gun with an HVLP feed? I don’t know detail about them.

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