Last Minute Exterior Painting

Outdoor painting is on borrowed time, and the final months providing adequate conditions are upon us. Painting season isn’t necessarily exclusive for housing exteriors, but many factors contribute to surfaces Majic Paints are applied to. It’s time to get ready for winter months, and it’s time to carry out some last-minute paint jobs, all within the conditions required for excellence.


Consider Temperature

While winter may be semi-distant, temperatures often drop during fall months, and selecting the optimum day to paint is important. Before checking out our selection of exterior paints, pay attention to the weather.


Modern paints guarantee long-lasting, effective coats when applied within 40-degree-Fahrenheit weather. However, several premium paints may be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit. These paints often include several ingredients contributing to:

  • Weather resilience

  • Duration

  • Coat thickness


Impending Moisture and Changing Weather Patterns

Paint should be applied to dry surfaces, and an effective primer should always be laid before starting a new job. As the seasons change, last-minute painting may be affected by moisture changes, and air humidity may halt a conversion in process.


Always wait a day following hard rain, as surfaces may absorb surrounding moisture and remove the necessary porous surfaces. Masonry and bare wood should be dried across two days, minimum.


Avoiding the Cold, and Conserving Paint

Once it snows,painting projects are normally shut down — and for good reason. Often, colder states don’t provide painting services during these months, as paint often flakes away when applied during cold weather.


Low-temperature skies contract drying paint, revealing excess surfaces and lowering a coat’s overall structural integrity. However, several options exist for low-temperature premium jobs. If you’ve waited last minute, and if a moment of opportunity has passed, it may be time to consider such options. Or, it may be time to re-focus a project entirely. After all, interior paints are a hot commodity during holiday seasons, and such projects are family-friendly all winter.