How To: Exterior Staining

The deck or fence might be built, but you still have another step until it’s ready to use.  Wooden decks, siding and furniture must be stained, or else any untreated wood will turn grey. So pick up some stain from Majic Paints. Here are some tips to applying exterior stain to get the best finish.

Don’t open up your stain and immediately apply it to the surface that you plan on painting. Take some time to clean the surface of your object with warm water and soap so that there is no dirt, dust, mildew, grease or other particles present. This way, the stain will be able to fully soak into the wood. Always wear a pair of rubber gloves, and protect your arms with long sleeves and your eyes with goggles. If the stain touches your skin, wash it off immediately. After you rinse off the surface that you want to paint, take the stain that you picked up from Majic Paint and get to work.

When you stain, make use of a synthetic bristle brush for latex stains and a natural bristle brush for oil stains. Don’t dip the brush right into the container. Always mix your stain at the outset of the project and several times during the job. Mixing the stain will help maintain an even color throughout the duration of the project. Only apply stain in an environment that is between 50 and 90 degrees, otherwise, it might not set right.

When you apply the stain, brush with the grain’s natural direction. Apply it with easy, fluid and even strokes. If there is any excess stain that has accumulated on your object’s surface, wipe it off immediately. You can prevent lap marks by applying your stain in a new area and moving the brush toward the area that you stained just prior. This way, the stain will be spread evenly throughout the object’s surface for a balanced blend. Always work from the top to the bottom so that excessive stain can run downward to unstained areas instead of lower areas being overrun with the drip of stain that is applied above. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Majic Paints.