Get to Know Majic Paints

At Majic Paints, we understand the requirements of a well-received enamel job, and we’re no stranger to history-supported latex paints. Supporting the community with coating manufacturing since 1920, our continuous success delivers high-quality products and services for farms, households, products and industry units.

Knowing Majic Paint is like gaining an older sibling: we’ve got you covered, regardless of the situation. We provide acrylic, latex, and oil based paints. We have aerosol paints, wood finishing products, and both industry and farm-based enamel coatings. Our company grounds reflect our universal approach and wide-ranged success. Covering a beautiful 40 acres within Columbus, Ohio, we guarantee services as unique and stunning as our environment.

Reinvigoration at its Finest

With Tractor, Truck & Implement Enamel on-hand, we’re ready to revitalize any truck, tractor, or farm equipment piece. Regardless of a machine’s age—and regardless of its design—we believe agricultural equipment is an American cornerstone, and we intend to sustain it with high-grade materials and excellent customer service.

Both modern, large-scale equipment and classic lines contain similarities, and Majic Paint utilizes high-quality workmanship to maintain each piece’s long-lasting history. While it’s a matter of memories, our restorative techniques deliver innovative solutions to age-old problems. Sustainability has been a historical hallmark of success and innovation—and we intend to pay homage to our ancestors.

A Perfect Place for a Perfect Job

Our Tractor, Truck & Implement Enamel fits most situations well, and our visitors can utilize the aerosol wonder for their own purposes. The stuff is wonderful—and it’s commonplace within the industry. Many colors are available, and its high-grade adhesion specs save valuable equipment from corrosion, weathering, nicks,and dings. Each application is suitable for aluminum, iron, steel, and pre-treated galvanized metal. Like we said: Majic Paint is ready for anything.

High Exposure and a World-Famous Attitude

We’ve expressed our feelings with our community, and we intend to support the individuals responsible for our success. Both new and seasoned agricultural consumers will find a home at Majic Paint. Our dynamic love for agricultural equipment is universal—and we’re positive we can bond about it. Stop by today, and check out our other services. We’ve got a vast number of unique options available, so no visitor is an island, where tractors roam the land.