Interior Painting Tips from Majic Paints

Interior Painting Tips

Nothing is more exciting than a room makeover, especially if you are using Majic Paints paint color as one of the ways to change things up. Interior painting is something anyone can do, given the right tools and guidance. Here are some things you should know about interior painting to get the best results for your project.

Pick the Right Paint

  • Glossy finish paint is durable, scrubbable and looks great for years. Glossy paint looks fabulous used on baseboards, trim and banisters. However, glossy paint tends to highlight wall imperfections, so it’s best to avoid this finish on large areas.
  • Flat paint hides wall imperfections, but is not as durable as glossy. Touch ups may be necessary. Flat paint is best used in a low traffic area. It can be used to create the perfect look.
  • Eggshell is a mixture between glossy and flat finishes. This finish has better durability than flat finishes, yet is also forgiving on less-than-perfect surfaces. Most designers and do-it-yourselfers choose eggshell finish just because of its versatility.

Majic Paints Interior Painting

Prepping Your Walls

Most people want to run home with their cans of exciting new color and get started painting right away. Unfortunately, about eighty percent of your time is going to be spent preparing the surface before it can be painted. This step, although seemingly tedious, will make all the difference in your finished product. You will want to:

  • Clean the walls
  • Fill nail holes
  • Spackle cracks
  • Make other surface repairs
  • Sand spackling when dry

Priming Walls

You’re not quite ready to paint yet. Any areas on the wall that were spackled will need to be primed before painting. Left unprimed, the paint will dry differently on the portions of the wall that were repaired, and be glaringly obvious in your finished product. Paint adheres better to primed walls and actually uses less paint for full coverage.

Cutting In

“Cutting in” means going around all the edges of your room with a brush and getting the edges and corners. Brushes leave marks, but rolling on paint after cutting in covers the brush marks.


The prep work is finished. Now you are ready to paint. Things to remember when painting:

  • Clean the rollers of all extra lint. This lint ends up on the walls, stuck in the paint. Use painter’s tape to remove excess lint and any stray pet hair or debris.
  • “Box paint” for consistent color. Boxing paint means mixing multiple cans in a gallon bucket and remixing. Paint color, even though it’s “computerized,” can vary from can to can. By boxing, you ensure a nice, consistent color throughout your room.

Once the painting is done, you will have beautified your home, freshened the look of your room, and added value to your home. Let Majic Paints help you achieve your home improvement goals.