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Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel: Priming Tips

Our Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel is formulated for superior durability and easy application. The colors match original equipment colors. It is made with 100% U.S. grown soybeans. This fine product gives our alkyd paint products added durability, better adhesion, and provides non-yellowing capabilities. When using our enamel, it’s important to follow the following tips for optimum result.

Surface Preparation:

Use the 80 grit pad on an orbital sander.

• For areas that do not need to be taken down to bare metal, rough up the surface with 350 grit paper or coarse steel wool.

• Sand everything you are going to paint.

• Bare metal will “flash rust” in less than 3 days if not covered with paint or primer. Any moisture from morning dew or rain will cause the bare metal to rust in a matter of minutes. Once sanding is started, the surface needs to be primed.


• All areas that have been sanded to bare metal, need at least 2 light coats of primer.

• Let each coat of primer dry 24 hours. Sand the entire body with 350 grit sandpaper and a sanding block before applying the topcoat.

• Primed finish should be completely smooth. If you can feel bumps or scratches, they will show when painted. Use additional coats of primer and sand to smooth out any of these problem areas.

• Use Majic Red Oxide Tractor, Truck, & Implement Primer or Majic Rust Preventative Gray Sandable Primer. Thin with Majic Reducer to spray up to 1-pint per gallon (8:1). Use only enough Reducer to get the product through the spray gun. Using too much Reducer will slow the dry time.

• Use a cup gun to spray. The tip size should be 0.013-0.017” with a recommended gun pressure of 30-50 psi. If you want to use a HVLP sprayer, the recommended tip size is 1.4 millileters with a pressure of 12-14 psi. Make sure the filters for the spray gun are clean. When finished clean the spray gun with mineral spirits, naphtha, acetone, or Majic reducer.

• Do not use the Catalyst/Hardener in the primer.