Pay Homage to History by Restoring Old Tractors

At Majic Paints, we make things new again and love to bring life back to your aging tractors, trucks and farm equipment. These old industrial vehicles speak volumes of American history – both design and lifestyle. The goal of working a farm has not changed much. However, the tractors used have evolved. We have launched a contest to highlight the old tractors collecting dust in barns across America, and urge owners to photograph their before and after tractor restoration project.

Old tractors have simple lines and typically a smaller size then more modern mega-sized farm equipment. These were just a pure form of American design – highest quality and workmanship. If these older tractors could speak, they would pour out memories of a simpler time in American history, when values were different, communication was slower, and all you needed to remember when leaving the house was dinner time. Many times these tractors are so connected to memories of a family and that’s why they still exist, hidden in barns or slowly rusting fields.

Majic Paints wants to motivate these tractors and put them on display. Owners can checkout Majic Paint’s Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel aerosol paint, which would be perfect for this type of job. This type of paint is a no-brainer – there are various colors available and it has excellent adhesion and resistance to weathering and corrosion. Also the Tractor, Truck, & Implement Enamel is ideal on iron, steel, aluminum, and treated galvanized metal. This makes Majic Paints a natural choice for these types of vehicles.

Many antique tractor owners will be surprised to learn that fully restored tractors can be very valuable, fetching large sums of money on eBay and farm auctions. Many feel that the trend is rooted in a desire to connect to America’s past, which creates high demand for these classics. They are used in photo shoots, displayed in museums, and even used as movie props. The bottom-line is that each use is an attempt to tap into the message these vehicles whisper – slow down, take it easy, disconnect, and work hard.

This exciting contest by Majic Paints will certainly strike a chord with both mainstream consumers and those new to tractor restoration. The love of classic tractors is clearly a widespread phenomenon that continues to gain popularity. As the before and after photos trickle in, one thing is clear – these old tractors are just darn cool!