See the Colors on the Majic Paints Facebook Page

Take a look at your Facebook wall. There might be some pleasant photos in there, maybe the occasional meme from a favorite movie, but for the most part, what do you see? Black and blue on white.

More and more, Facebook has become a hub for social interaction. You have friends that you meet at bars and coffee shops and people you talk to at work, but where do you go to arrange these meetings? If you’re like most of us, you do it online, staring at that same boring black text on white backgrounds.

We scroll through our feeds looking for interesting news, looking to see if anyone has a party this weekend, and it’s always that same dull black on white.

So let’s not even talk about the affordable, high quality tractor, truck & implement enamel that Majic Paint offers, let’s just talk about livening up your Facebook feed. Majic Paint knows color, and the photographs that make up the bulk of the Majic Paint Facebook page prove it.

Rich blue skies are contrasted by the pastel greens of tractors in the foreground. Yellows remind you of your favorite toy truck from when you were a kid, are beside rows of violent,┬ápink flowers. The colors on display on this page are a great place to start if you’re about to start a tractor, truck & implement enamel project and you’re looking for inspiration, but let’s forget all about that for a moment. These photos are great inspiration if you’re picking out a tie, painting your house, or you just want some beautiful images to keep you chipper on your coffee break.

Green golf courses bring to mind memories of summer. Autumn sunsets cast a warm glow over barns and farmhouses reminding us of the freedom of country living. And before and after shots show us what a little bit of time and effort can do for a truck or tractor that isn’t as pretty as it used to be.

Maybe you have an enamel project coming up soon, maybe you don’t. The reason you should follow Majic Paints on Facebook has less to do with staying up to date on the brand, and more to do with enjoying some brilliant colors that will trigger fond memories and brighten your day.