Tractor Restoration with Majic Paints

Although a tractor is designed for hard work and years of dependability, it is eventually going to wear down, rust and just show its age. While this does not mean it is not going to fire up when the ignition is switched on, it just is not going to look as beautiful as it once did. With the help of Majic PaintsTractorPaintingContest_WebMaterial-02 though, it is possible to transform any tractor into a work of art and a truly beautiful piece of machinery. That is exactly why we at Majic Paints are holding a tractor restoration contest. Not only do we want to see what you have done with refurbishing your rusted out old tractor, but we want to see it in all of its new glory. There really is nothing more breathtaking than a finely restored machine, and this is your chance to join in on the fun.

The tractor restoration contest, beginning July 1 and concluding on the 30th of November, gives you the chance to submit before and after photographs of your tractor. Remember, the worse the condition the tractor started out and the more pristine the tractor is now, the more likely you are going to be landing the grand prize. After hard work on your labor of love, the $2,000 first place prize is sure going to be a nice addition to your pocket book, not to mention you can boast that you have the best restored tractor. There is a second place award of $1,000 too, as selecting just one top tractor restoration job can be tough work.

If you are interested, submit a before and after photo, make sure to use Majic equipment enamel and send the information out to You can also mail the material, should you prefer the postal service, to Majic Paint Tractor contest, 1920 Leonard Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219.