How to Camo Paint Your Aluminum Boat

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Whether you are a fisherman, a recreational boater, a commercial boat operator or even a sportsman, it’s easy and fun to improve your watercraft’s look and performance with Majic Paint, the paint with a drag-reducing formula.

Painting an aluminum boat needs to be handled in a more specific manner, not like slapping paint on a wall. Preparation and the use of proper materials are the keys to painting your aluminum boat well.

Here are some simple steps to follow in making your aluminum boat perfect with Majic Paint.

1. Elevate your boat. Get your boat up on the boat stand. Elevating your boat will allow you to effectively work all the way around the boat with ease.

2. Sand the boat. Once the boat is properly positioned, start by sanding the boat. For this purpose, it is easier to use a portable electric sander. However, you can also use a sanding block. It is always more convenient to sand the inner part of the boat first before sanding the exterior part. Sanding is a very vital step as it helps in removing any old paint so that you get a smooth finish.

3. Cleaning the boat. This is another vital step that you should never forget while painting your boat. Thoroughly clean your boat with soap and water solution. Vigorously scrub the whole body of the boat with a hard bristled brush in order to eliminate debris. After this, wash your boat with a water hose fitted with a power sprayer. Let your boat dry completely before applying any paint.

4. Choose a primer. This is another step that many boat owners have failed to pay attention to. You should make sure that you choose the right primer. A primer with rust proofing will give you the best results. Try Rustkill primer from Majic Paints. Before applying the primer, it is very important to thin it. Thinning the primer will allow it to penetrate into the microscopic scratches of the boat. If you use Rustkill, thin it with Majic Non-VOC Reducer.

5. Paint the boat. After all the preparations, you can now apply paint to your aluminum boat. Make sure that the surface temperature of your boat is at least 51° F. We recommend using a paint sprayer to get the best finish. If you are painting a duck boat, begin with a light camouflage color. Allow each coat of paint to dry thoroughly (about 24 hours) before the next application. After the base coat is dry, use darker camouflage colors to add a grassy pattern. Use stencils of marsh grasses and cattails to help speed up the process. Majic Paints camouflage paint has a flat, non-reflective finish in water resistant earth tones to help you blend in while fishing or duck hunting.

Finally, it is good to apply a clear coat on your boat. This is simply done by spraying it all round the boat. The clear coat will provide protection from scratches and give your boat that newly painted look.

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